Reflection and development

What clients say

Clients say I make space to help them be still, so they can reflect on what is, and what choices to make; they say I invite them to deepen their understanding of themselves and others, so they can build connections throughout their organisation and beyond; they say our work nurtures their presence, and their ability to see; they say I can quietly find words to frame what is happening, so jointly we can find levers that bring about movement.

What moves me

Since covid hit most work stopped and I stopped most of what was left. I focused on art and silence. And yet, I was noticing that my mission, my work in life isn’t just art for art and silence for silence. It is to enable spaces of meaning making inside working communities, as well as through art and silence. It’s to invite people unravel patterns that are not helping them, and hold space for them while they do that, to facilitate difficult conversations, to find words for what is present below the surface.

The work

What I do best is the development and support of consultants or internal change practitioners. Supporting them in their growth, working with them to develop their capacity to see deeply, finding words to reveal what is below the surface, creating insight into roles and relations. Of course this work is also available to teams who feel unable to create movement, or to individual leaders.

What I bring:

The perspective of an artist

Questioning, not-knowing, in the liminal space between what was and what will be. Carving firmly enough to make an impact yet not so hard that we leave scars.

The profession

Of an organisation development worker who has been in the field for nearly 30 years and has been thoroughly educated. An organization development consultant who is seeking to see systems and patterns; working in cycles of noticing, naming and moving; data based and often looking through a systemic lens.

The intention

Of a co-creator. Because it is your working community and we work together always.

Attention for the undercurrents

In the tradition of the Tavistock Institute  – looking at what is also present, what may become visible if you change perspective, what’s held in the unconscious and why, what wants to emerge.

The grounding

Of someone who also farms, albeit on a tiny farm, who is attentive to the cycle of the seasons on the farm, and in organisations

More about me

For nearly 30 years I have worked in and with international organizations, helping leaders and their teams navigate complex transitions. My clients include companies in sectors like multinational engineering, energy and manufacturing, pharmaceutical companies, universities and charities. Most of what I learnt was through and with my clients, with whom it was, mostly, a privilege to work. I have been trained as an organization consultant and supervisor at The Tavistock Institute, learnt a lot at the Bert Hellinger Institute and with Moving Constellations in the UK, and co-developed Still Moving’s change practitioner programmes. I was a founding member of Still Moving, a community of change consultants who seek to inspire mindful change leadership; and of Group Relations International, a charity that works on group relations and community, social justice and spirituality.

Client include: ABB, Alliander, Astellas, Bambam Steenhouwers, De Baak, De Beers, Dutch Space (now Airbus), Full Circle Group, Innogy, Joulz/Eneco, Leger des Heils, Nuon, Philips, Nyenrode, Refresco, Roche, Rolls Royce, RWE, SBM, Selfridges, Shell International, Shell Netherlands Refinery, Synco Biopartners, Syngenta, Still Moving, Tavistock Institute, Thyssen Krupp, Vattenfall, Vrije Universteit Amsterdam