What do you serve? A journaling question I asked people as part of the silent advent calendar. As I asked the question I was sitting on the edge of one of our fields, overlooking the early morning frost and well wrapped up. The answer came swiftly: I serve the land, this land; I serve sacred silence; and I serve people hoping to explore silence.

Somehow silence is a sacred space for me. It is not the absence of sounds per sé, though that helps. It is more a deep silence that you can enter, and that you can sometimes find in yourself. The silence isn’t always pretty, or joyful. Sometimes it’s annoying or irritating, sometimes downright boring, but more often than not it is a rich space, a holding space for things that cannot be heard in today’s noisy world.

Studio Silence works with silence. On our tiny farm, we offer small scale retreat weeks and weekend, we are available for a few days of individual silence. Often people come who long to think or write, who use the studio to make and the fields and wetlands behind the nearby dike for clarity and inspiration.

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